Smart house condos follow the trend of developing micro-sized condos in metropolitan areas. Those interested in condos for sale should know that these smaller condos have become more popular in Toronto, Canada. This is especially true near University, where most of its buildings follow this new approach to conserve space and give residents that luxurious feel. Furthermore, most of these smart house condos have access to public transit, making it a perfect home for young commuters. Here is more information about the real-estate marketing in Canada.

Comfort and Convenience. Residents live in comfort and have access to commodities such as Murphy beds, partitions the resident can rearrange, retractable kitchen counters, and hidden storage. Those who are comfortable living in small spaces will love smart house condos. Residents can control most of the features of their Liberty village condo with the use of a smart phone app. For instance, a resident can retract his or her kitchen counter from the opposite side of the kitchen while he or she prepares the ingredients for dinner. In other words, smart house condos helps residents adopt an efficient lifestyle while conserving space in the city.

Features. The average smart house condo measures at about 289 square feet. Those interested in condos for sale can purchase a pre-furnished condo. This feature benefits those who are not savvy with some of the less commonly found furniture, such as the Murphy bed. Furthermore, it is likely that most potential buyers are going to rent the condo out to other residents and, thus, these buyers will benefit greatly from the furnished option. Lastly, most of these condos include other services such as gyms, terraces, and guest suites.

Pros. Those who like to party often may not like the idea of their guest being unhappy with the amount of space available in their condo. On the flip side, those who aren't too fond of hosting parties can always use the size of their condo as an excuse to host the party elsewhere. This will appeal to the younger demographic. That is, single professionals or students who just need a place to stay at. Those who work near the Financial District will find the commute convenient, too. Plus, not to mention all the other convenient features previously listed.

Cons. Smart house condos cannot accommodate more than one person. Furthermore, having more than one or two friends over will more than likely be uncomfortable for everyone. This is especially true in condos that measure a little over 300 square feet.

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