Scholastic achievements, like stepping stones, help students strive toward their educational goals. Educators often recognize their students' individual merits but sometimes young people need additional encouragement and support. Awards and scholarships can bring students closer to their educational dreams as well as encourage them to reach even higher.

One way to earn additional resources for education is through scholastic competitions and charity organizations. Scholastic contests award students based on their skills in individual areas of study, such as creative writing, science or ingenuity. These awards can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars and can usually be used for any purpose. Other private competitions are based on community service goals that are shared by the company or organization which hosts the scholarship. These contests might have certain stipulations on how a student can apply their winning prize. It's best to choose a contest which aligns with your own passions and plans for the future.

Some private schools offer their own scholarships to academic hopefuls. These private, academic scholarships are typically merit based but each school has its own criteria. These benchmarks can include grade point average, involvement with sports, extra-curricular activity and community service. Your student might have to pair their application with a personal essay which further displays their scholastic talents and ambitions. The main purpose of an entry essay is to open a window into the student's personality and character.

There are also non-academic scholarships that aren't tied to any particular school or competition. It could be argued that gaining a scholarship is always a competition because so many students apply each year. Yet, there are still so many scholarships and awards that are unfulfilled each year. Non-academic scholarships require more time and effort to find. They might have strict stipulations, deadlines and limited funds available. That's why its paramount to apply for non-academic scholarships well in advance of the intended school year. The true benefit of choosing non-academic scholarships is that they're a catch-all. Some are based on exceptional skill and merit, while others are awarded for academic and athletic achievements.

Financing your child's academic years can be challenging, especially if you're choosing a private school education. There are plenty of awards and scholarships that can help. Just don't wait until the last minute. With a small measure of patience and steadfast correspondence, you can gain the support and encouragement your bright student needs for the future.

Awards and Scholarships to Recognize Students