As the institutional formal learning becomes more and more widespread throughout the globe, the idea of nonformal learning can be shadowed in comparison. The truth is that nonformal learning is born from the raw, unregulated spirit of learning, the pure desire to learn - and can often be integrated into other forms of formal learning. We at NALL seek to overcome the barriers that exist between self-directed, autonomous learning and formal, institution-based learning. Dissolving this dichotomy involves identifying the social barriers and understanding the importance of choosing to learn on one's own terms.

When one isn't made to follow a set of general learning guidelines, passions can be born. The importance of free creativity within the context of learning is crucial to truly understanding a set of knowledge. When one is allowed to assimilate the vocabulary set of a subject of interest through natural means, a deep, more consistent understanding of the subject material can be reached, as opposed to the rote memorization that can occur in the classroom setting.

In recognizing the importance of personal creativity in learning, it isn't to say that informal learning is better or worse than institutionalized learning - it's recognizing the importance of integrating the two so that we can, as a society, produce individuals capable of passionate, effective learning. One way of doing this is supporting educational programs that integrate innovative technologies into classroom learning, allowing students to be actively part of the learning process. As technology becomes more advanced, so can our methods of improving the way that we learn and teach. We have the means, and we have the motive - help us build a new generation of effective learning!

The NALL: Overview