The NALL: Overview

NALL's basic objectives are to document current relations between informal learning and formal/nonformal education, identify major social barriers to integrating informal learning with formal/nonformal programs and certification, and support new program initiatives that promise to overcome such barriers.
Education and training involves much more than the organized schooling and continuing or adult education activities that go on within formal educational institutions. Informal learning refers to all other deliberate forms of self-directed or collective learning. Some people have noted that informal learning is the submerged part of the learning iceberg in modern knowledge-based societies. An international research tradition initiated in the 1970s by our member Allen Tough established that self-directed informal learning projects are indeed very extensive.
However, in spite of the universal recognition of the importance of education and training, we still have very limited understanding of the relations between the formal educational participation of people and their engagement in deliberate informal learning; therefore, we are not effectively linking informal learning with organized education and training programs.

Government Regulations for Registered Education Savings Plan

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More Than One Application About Pressure Sensor

Pressure Transmitter for Marine and Offshore

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The Role Of Innovative Technologies In eLearning

Of all the developments in the vast and far-reaching history of humanity, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will undoubtedly stand out as one of the most significant developments in education. There have been numerous strides and advancements in education to be sure, but the past several years in particular have seen an astounding increase in the applications and scope covered by ICT. Nowadays, if you are considering some types of education, you would definitely have to look into the possibilities offered by ICT.